Holistic healing practices

A practice blend of Medical Herbalism, Holistic Massage and self-empowering practices. Practice is based in Burston, South Norfolk.

“The experience of sickness and the road back to health can and should be a journey into ourselves, a time to heal both inside and out, to restore our equilibrium and relationships, to get back to what is real and valuable in our lives.”

David Blackwell, The Herbalist magazine, 2016.


Know that I am a student of Medical Herbalism mentored by Christine Herbert who I apprenticed for 2 years. See MY PATH for full details of my training.

A reverence for Nature underpins my practice with what I’ve heard referred to as ‘the peoples medicine’. That term for me encompasses all that we can do for ourselves and one another as lay people with minimal technology.

Fully qualified and insured as a Holistic Massage practitioner I offer treatments from home and from the beautiful wellness center that is The Space, Burston.

I advocate for locally grown organic food and medicine alongside healthy movement, conscious breath work or meditation, counselling and other holistic healing or wholing practices, such as making your own ferments, sitting in circle, attending sweat-lodge. Preventative medicine practices are well-proven as much more effective and joyful than curative medicine.


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