Holistic healing practices

A practice blend of Medical Herbalism, Touch for Health Kinesiology, and Holistic Massage. Practice is based in Burston, South Norfolk.

“The experience of sickness and the road back to health can and should be a journey into ourselves, a time to heal both inside and out, to restore our equilibrium and relationships, to get back to what is real and valuable in our lives.”

David Blackwell, The Herbalist magazine, 2016.


Regarding working with me, know that I am a student of Medical Herbalism, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Holistic Massage.  For experience to date see MY PATH.

Currently I would class myself somewhere between “Medical” and “Folk” in terms of how I put all the healing work I have learnt into practice.

I hold a deep respect for the healing work of Non Violent Communication (N.V.C), the somatics work of Peter Levine, and Inner child work. These inform who I am and influence how I practice.

I strongly advocate for an Organic lifestyle (where possible), and Counselling. Counselling for me, in my present understanding means being held in council, this does not directly signify seeing a Counsellor or Psychotherapist as such, and can for example mean attending sweat lodge. As I see at, Counsel is connection with something larger than ourselves, and provides one with a sacred vessel. Perhaps ceremony and prayer.


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