I practice from Burston, Norfolk.

Initial consultations take between 60-90 minutes. I will need a list of any medications / herbs you are currently on, and a 5 day diet diary.

We will cover personal and family history, what has brought you to see me, your healing goal, and your current physical, emotional, and psychological states. 

I may prescribe you herbs, tailored to your present needs. These will be in tincture, powder or capsule form, or as a dry herb mix to infuse or decoct.

I only source herbs from reputable sources, and all are as Organic and local as possible.

I’ve learnt that there is nearly always work to do related to the diet, and thus expect recommendations on this front.

If stress or anxiety, muscular aches or pains are current for you, why not book in for a relaxing holistic massage…

AVENA – milky oats


I will draw up a summary of your case and email you that. This will include herbal prescriptions, supplement suggestions, and suggestions regarding diet and/or lifestyle changes.

As we continue to work together it is often necessary to alter the formula and/or prescriptions as the healing begins and things shift. There are many times multiple layers to the work. Occasionally it is sufficient to remove something from the diet for a while for healing to occur. In our work together we will explore what you need and strategies to go about meeting those needs.

As to how many meetings we may need, this varies person to person.


I can make you a tailored mix of Bach Flower Remedies. These are vibrational medicines often made from flowers, and sometimes trees.

The remedies work deeply, helping one maintain balance and centering in times of emotional imbalance or strain, i.e. weighty study load or exams, loss of a loved one, travel. They prove very useful for humans and animals alike.


Wherever possible with my treatments, I work on a basis of mutual trust.
Should an emergency crop up, and I need to cancel a session, I will do my utmost to give at least 24 hours’ notice to change the appointment. And, wherever possible I ask my clients to do the same. I just find this period of notice gives us both enough time to reschedule our plans and gives me the option to offer the session to another client on the waiting list.

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