Let me know if these rates are inaccessible for you. I trust we’ll find an alternative mutually beneficial exchange.

This isn’t an economically exclusive clinic allowing only those who can afford to choose this way of private health practice.

INITIAL CONSULTATION (60-90 minutes): £55.


TINCTURES (singles and prescribed formulae): 30ml £6.50, 50ml £7.50, 100ml £12.00, 250ml £24, 500ml £40

GLYCERATES 100mls £10, 250ml £18

HERB TEAS 50g £3.60, 100g £6.50, 200g £12.00, 300g £18.50, 400g £22

POWDERS 50g £4.50, 100g £9, 200g tub £17, 250g £19.50

CAPSULES x50 £7, x100 £13, x250 £28, x500 £55

EMPTY CAPS x100 £3.60, x200 £7

SMALL BATCH OINTMENTS 30ml jars £5.00, 50ml jars £7.50

TAILOR MADE CREAMS 50ml £6, 100ml £12

OILS 30ml £6.00, 100ml £15.50

FLOWER REMEDIES £6.50 per 30ml

POSTAGE AND PACKING UK rates under 1kg £3.70, over 1kg £6

Please recycle and reuse all packaging where possible.

Note, all of the bags I use are made of 100% plant cellulose, and can be chopped small and popped straight in the compost.

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